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The Samoyed is an ancient breed originating from Russia and much admired for its beautiful white coat, smiling face, happy disposition and general good health.

Troi and Tank. Sep 2018. Kalisa This Lil Light Of Mine and Kalisa-Blinded-By-The Light of Starglow.


There are numerous good books about the Samoyed with “The Samoyed (New Zealand)” by Mrs Val Auckram and Mrs Pearl Wilson very much a collector’s item for the breed historians.

The Samoyed in print by Lauren V De C James

Samoyed Supplement May 2006 Reprinted from the New Zealand Kennel Club Gazette May 2006 Volume 46 No 4 with permision from Dogs New Zealand. (NZKC).

“The Origin of ‘Eileen’”, by Eileen, The New Zealand Samoyed Supplement, NZ Kennel Gazette – June 1993

The Samoyed in print

Books are very often the first point of contact for potential dog owners and in this context the breed is well served. Almost without exception, any general dog book which lists dog breeds will list the Samoyed and, because the breed is so photogenic, very often a photograph will accompany the text. Those readers wanting to learn more about the breed will find there are books catering to virtually every aspect of Samoyed ownership, breeding, care, history, grooming, management, pedigrees and even cartoons.

Recording the history of the breed for posterity is essential and provides the most readily available link with the breeders of the past and their dogs. By comparing today’s dogs with those of yesteryear breeders can assess the breed’s progress, or lack of it, and this can stir them to new heights of ambition.

Some of the books listed are out of print but can be located in public libraries, while others are available direct from their publishers, from breed clubs or from second hand bookshops.

For instance a second hand bookshop in Wellington currently has both editions of The Samoyed (New Zealand) available (incidentally, the previous owner of one of these was Betty Young - breeders/exhibitors from the 1970s will recall the name).

The internet is a great source for second hand book sellers and online auctions such as eBay and Yahoo often have second hand or remainder books listed at reasonable prices.


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      Samoyed (sic), France - no further information

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Those afflicted with the pedigree sleuthing malady - aren’t we all? - can trace the pedigrees of champions in no less than six countries and most of those stem from the breed’s beginnings in England.


Samoyed Club of Victoria, The Author, Victoria, Australia
1978 Samoyed Champions of Australia (lists all imports and champions to 1978)

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1974 Volume 2, 1960-1973
1982 Volume 3, 1974-1981
1992 Volume 4, 1982-1991


Refer to The Samoyed (New Zealand), 2nd edition for pedigree section.


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The Trustees of The Goodrich Fund
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Samoyed Association of Minneapolis-St Paul
1980 Annual Yearbook of Champions 1972-1980 and thereafter yearly, SAMS, Bloomington, MN, USA

1988 Samoyed Champions 1952-1987, Paperback, Camino E E & Book Co, Seattle, WA, USA. ISBN 0-94080-885-4


AKC Breed Video (25 minutes) (Available for hire from NZKC - refer to NZ Kennel Gazette).

NOTE: American Kennel Club (AKC) breed videos offer a full colour, visual illustration of the breed standard and show both correct and incorrect conformation


If readers are aware of the existence of any other breed publications please let me know so that this list can be updated. Similarly, if there are errors in the list or you can provide further information eg Renata Fossati’s publication I would be pleased to hear from you.

Please forward details to:
L V de C James,
PO Box 51069,
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Samoyed Kennel Names

Akeisha Samoyeds Jo Jules
Angara Samoyeds Lynne Barr
Bentara Samoyeds Karen Bell
Kalisa Samoyeds Elizabeth Clausen
Kalnovitch Samoyeds Glenda and Michelle O'Brien
Kelljass Samoyeds Sharon Kelly
Kievsams Samoyeds Lauren James
Kimchatka Samoyeds Jo-Anne Hawkins
Kimskaya Samoyeds Karla Magnus
Kursharn Samoyeds Julie Wells
Lealsam Samoyeds Andy and Denise Reeve
Murmansk Samoyeds Carol Fleming
Nikolaevsk Samoyeds Louise and Brian Harris
Oscarbi Samoyeds Helen Clark and Rob Barzey
Pearlonna Samoyeds Fran and Noel Wilson
Samhain Samoyeds Anita Andrew
Samivahn Samoyeds John and Paddy Watts
Sheidinice Samoyeds Shelley LeBas
Silvertips Samoyeds Jude McCormick
Skrownek Kennels Sandra Stewart
Snezhinka Samoyeds
Sunshine Samoyeds Anita and Ken Shugg
Wytekloud Samoyeds Stephanie Thorpe
Zaminka Samoyeds Lyn and Gary Carleton
Zhakita Samoyeds Eugene and Tania Pickett